Loan money in Norway – See the possibilities for making loans in Norway

Do you have Danish or Norwegian citizenship?

When you have to borrow money in Norway, it has a great influence if you have Danish or Norwegian citizenship – Danish or Norwegian personal number. In fact, it helps to define which companies and which country you should apply for. We look at your options for getting a consumer loan online if you live across borders, but basically the following applies:

  • Everyone seeking a loan in Norway must have Norwegian citizenship.
  • Anyone seeking a loan in Denmark must have Danish citizenship.

Do you have Danish citizenship?

Do you have Danish citizenship?

There may be many reasons why you would like to borrow money in Norway as a Dane. It may be you are resident in the country and therefore you will try your hand at the relevant providers. The problem is just that the providers often look more at your citizenship and / or social security number than where you live.

The vast majority of providers in the Norwegian loan market will thus require you to have Norwegian citizenship or a personal ID as a minimum. The number in Norway is 11 digits and not 10 digits as in Denmark. As a Danish citizen there is no way around that.

The only right solution for you will be to search the Danish loan companies online and it will also be a good choice. You know the Danish rules and conditions, and you can probably speak the language at least as well. You can always apply for consumer loans and compare providers with us via the front page.

For the Danish loan providers, a CPR number will often be sufficient to be able to apply.

Get an overview of consumer loans in Denmark here .

Do you have Norwegian citizenship?

Do you have Norwegian citizenship?

If you have Norwegian citizenship, you should apply to the loan companies in Norway. This applies regardless of whether you live in Denmark, Sweden or Germany. Here you usually have to fill in information about yourself, including citizenship and / or social security number.

The providers in the Norwegian market are different than in Denmark. Here you find companies like which is great lender. not known in Denmark. But there are also remarks in the form of Bank Norwegian (under the name Thorn).

Who you choose to apply with is up to you, but we recommend that you first form an overview of the possibilities. Check out the companies’ interest rates, terms and requirements before deciding where you want to apply.